HELLO 2014!


Xixi Maturan : ‘The keyword is UNCLUTTER!’

Today is the last day of 2013.  What occurred within its 365 day cruise into our lives are totally gone, with some vestiges unsifted through the varicolored strains to remind us of how mortal we can be and become in the face of trials and triumphs among other canned frustrations and trivial thoughts.  It is amazing how media can take on the lead to remind us of how vulnerable we all are by way of their sickening ‘The Year In Review’.  Shouldn’t we all start weeding out the webs of the past year a little before Christmas?  Imagine being reminded of how stupid some celebs are with handling their romantic affairs ; or how gullible our legislators are to not  immediately detect government funding scams… or how inadequate a person can be once elected by mere name-recall? All these and more being sucked right into our brain cavities for no valuable reason at all.  Names ablaze with being newsmakers but in reality these are really newsbreakers since they broke themselves and begged for apology later.  ANNE CURTIS is a goner.  She might have gazillions of fan clubs but the shocking thing of exposing herself as a pretty monster under the influence of substances silently made her the most hated creature in the business.  She is being booed for this and hopefully after shelling millions of money she can buy out haters and add more appreciators for her cause.  Now this is where I start uncluttering.  There might not be such a word but I am UNCLUTTERING.  I am clearing out the haze… feeding in the daze and march into another year BEAUTIFULLY! dAhECK!


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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