pizap.com13876869951401Not-so-funny-dugyot-looking EatBulaga cohost JOSE MANALO takes his turn for attention.  Not just by the public who wonders what the hell is he doing on tv but by the law.  As news have it, he has failed to support a daughter through her schooling.  He might have shelled bucks for the initial payments for a designing course, he has since abandoned his duties.  His daughter’s lawyer, a certain Atty. Dennis Pangan catergorically stated that Manalo will be slapped with a violation rap againsts Republic Act 9262 for obvious reasons. Manalo has not been with his legal family since January of last year when he cooped up with another woman. Isn’t it ironic that every weekday he gives away thousands of pesoses to strangers? Gago lang ang peg?  Now that is not FUNNY!

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