ER Ejercito once again scorches the MMFF screen with his portrayal of Arturo ‘BOY GOLDEN’ Porcuna.  Porcuna, a notorious criminal in the 60s was best known for his Mafia-style operation and gangland warfare in and around the then growing metropolis.  It is interesting to note that to this day, lives of lawless elements are exhumed to be exhibited as an action opus and on the side lay some moral lessons that the path they took should not be taken by the youth.  The movie ‘SHOOT TO KILL :  BOY GOLDEN’ , basing on its trailer glamorizes the seedy part of our society when the unwanted filled the chasm between good and bad.  What is more intriguing in Ejercito’s portrayal of Porcuna is the facial design assigned to his character : The Genghis Khan Look.  Well-trimmed [or coiffed] bigote at balbas and a signature fedora.  Had the real Porcuna styled himself that way , he would not have lasted several misdeeds as he would be easily spotted!  Short of looking ridiculous , Ejercito may have to stretch out his characterization as far as our tolerance can go to totally sell the life of a person who stepped away from the law.  The movie is produced by Ejercito himself [who else naman noh?] and directed by Chito Roño.  It also stars KC Concepcion.

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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