Jodi Sta. Maria : To Preggy or Not To Preggy...  That Is The Question!

Jodi Sta. Maria : To Preggy or Not To Preggy…
That Is The Question!

Blown out of a comfortable proportion, this talk about BCWMH star Jodi Sta. Maria is rather disturbing.  Although her current beau Jolo Revilla killed the rumor outright with a statement , people still can’t help but wonder why such surfaced after all.  Somehow, this issue connects to starlet  Iwa Moto‘s recent delivery to a child sired by Jodi’s former relation Punky [?] Lacson who is also the father of Sta. Maria’s son.  Ludicrous as it may, that is how some sick-os concoct facts and events in this business.  What is more disturbing then is the immoral clause that comes with it.  Sta. Maria and Revilla are not yet married and child-bearing out of wedlock will create a cloud of question that will affect the public.  Imagine the effects of the lifestyles of celebrities to young people especially on the subject of pregnancy.  Although immorality is now tolerated , efforts should still be done by networks and management entities of stars to at least be responsible to their public.  Gone may be the days when local stars had to disappear for some bump-y reason but we should still strive to at least be conscientious  with how we deal with our fallopian tubes.  One recent event of indiscretion was a certain Andi Eigenmann , who at a young age got impregnated and battled with the sperm-donor in print.  Really horribly taken cared of, she is now openly regarded as a nymphomaniac on the loose.  The poor girl could have just merely faded out into the woodwork without so much fanfare, then she could have gained some respect! Phoeey!

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