pizap.com13875046058541Willie Revillame is a phenomenon.  It isn’t everyday that one uncouth and totally uncultured prick gets away with mur… err… millions.  A former drummer, he willed his sticks right to the top of an unholy totem pole of sorts in the business.  His seemingly ‘masa’ appeal was his visa to get right to where he is right now.  But then, along the way his unsavory breeding took its toll on his conduct.  Perhaps when ABSCBN felt that they had in their hands a talent who represented the seedy side of our society they did not anticipate that the price on his face was way beyond materialism.  He was tolerated for his stutters [which is common with dyslexics] but when he struck a very wrong note he was summarily dismissed.  He might have appeared generous as your everyday Santa Claus on tv, but only a small percentage of his poor audience got their share.  The shows he handled blandly patronized mendicancy which can only aggravate the sociopsychological status of those reached.  This monster named Willie Revillame is really a  character the system developed to create a distorted image of hope and ambition.  A character created to have a mind of its own while luring some evils out of its lair.  His kabastusan is record breaking and now that he has been sacked out of TV5 he wishes to return to his former studio ABSCBN ; make amends and resume a cycle of kabaduyan he is best known for. He has been sending fillers and if the bait is half-taken he is in again and we are all just ready to switch channels all the same!

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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