pizap.com13871656015471ABSCBN should act fast now before the excitement fizzles out like stray sparks of indiscretion.  This network , touted to be one of the most powerful in the lot can generate a new trend of television fare.  It should now start up a new weekly series that will relive JOHN & MARSHA , a family-oriented comedy show starring Dolphy and Nida Blanca [now both dead] with a twist and should star real-life couple  MELAI CONTIVEROS and JASON FRANCISCO.  They simply epitomize this generation ; and basing on their physical qualities and talent , they can surely roll up their sleeves and tackle the show effortlessly.  Somewhere in a recent blurb, a certain Kris Aquino was declaring that she and Vic Sotto are going to make a similar show but if ABSCBN knows their production fiber they will simply slap the bratty lady with a big ‘NO WAY’ !  The Lopezes should be aware that it was not the Aquinos who brought them back to the business but rather the people who joined in the People’s Rev in 1986! 

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