pizap.com13871555981211Instead of feeling weary when the news on another inside-the-mall robbery struck last night, there was a slight unsolicited  amusement that rose from the pit of my guts. Feebly amused with how unsure we are with the ways of the wicked world, I may fear walking past my best judgments this holiday season!  Picture a blurry Sunday afternoon at your favorite mall when suddenly you find yourself caught in the middle of a stampede for some unknown reason; you get hurt and learn later that a notorious gang violently loot out jewelry from some store.  Now isn’t that funny?  It sure is, since we are told that malls now carry a heavy security protocol to protect us all.  Just yesterday this scenario was repeated [a similar one happened earlier at megamall] early evening at SM North Edsa.  Nobody saw it coming so it seems since while exit points are properly identified the bad guys gloriously escaped!  Of course they would.  By simply acting in panic and joining the crowd who would know which one had the gems?  What further tickled my funniest tit was when reports had the salt to report that allegedly the HAMMER(s) and CROWBAR(s) were purchased at the inhouse friendly hardware store!  Now that is a clever trick.  So clever that nobody in the security force thought of!  I remember so clearly in my youth while walking through the stalls in Batangas City‘s public market seeing bolos, hatchets, hammers, balisongs being hawked while laid on the floor!  I feared that if some demented dude happened to be there at the exact moment when he crosses through the lines of insanity, it would be easy as pie to merely pick one or two of those tools and start a bloody rampage.  Now if you were some bright crook out to rob a jewelry shop with your signature M.O. , wasn’t it logical to go in clean ; buy your weapon and do your job? NOBODY THOUGHT OF THAT?  From what I gathered, mall will now require that such tools will only be released upon the buyer’s exit.  Would it be more logical if nothing of such should be sold within the premises?  

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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