pizap.com13868997138561Like flakes of dandruff spewed out of an infested head, Vic Sotto‘s pronouncement on the possibility of banished EatBulaga co-host Wally Bayola returning to the show after figuring in a badly made sex video that went viral surfaced yesterday as clearly part of a movie promo.  Sotto’s statement is a manifestation of his utter lack of wisdom.  The ageing-AND-not-really-that-funny comedian demanded that in order for Bayola to bounce back into the limelight he merely had to make a public apology.  Again, a public apology! How dimwitted can you get? APOLOGY my ass.  Sotto , who is patronizingly [and dastardly?] referred to as “bossing” even acted almighty by saying that he can pull some strings and prop up matters with the EB management for Bayola’s re-enlistment.  In actuality, the bald porn wanna-be does not have to make an apology.  He only owes this to himself.  His act did not hurt anyone [he must have taken the lashing from his wife and family].  It did not cause death, deformity or emotional backlash.  The act was his own [as well as his partner].  Making an apology will merely drag back the issue and create a precedent to media folks that it is fine to put one’s self in an immoral position ; marinate in guilt , say sorry to the unaffected public and resume a career.  If they wish to take Bayola again, let him in slowly to test the waters and if he is accepted without ridicule then so be it.  With such absurdly moronic demand, Vic Sotto might as well star in a movie entitled : ‘AMBOBO LANG NG BOSSING KO’

REJOINDER : When Mike Herrera of FB’s PEG page, replied to the link, I suddenly thought, oh, yes… how would he compose his apology? Here’s a screengrab of the thread…


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