A disturbing tidbit emanating from a certain Pete Ampoloquio is fast spreading like a plague now as we fart.  Ampoloquio, an entertainment writer/radio host,  painstakingly tried to conceal the identity of “a quondam sexy actress” caught inside a drug den.  He alleged that the actress was found by PDEA operatives in a rather compromising position where she was performing fellatio to one of the suspects. He reeled by saying that he felt truly sorry for the fate of the said actress, and pitched in some give-away details of her current life.  Obviously scared of a lawsuit, Ampoloquio did not mention her name.  This is very malicious and loopy.  First, the insinuated actress ROSANNA ROCES is NOT dirt poor as he attests and has been busy with movie roles and humanitarian endeavors. Second, how can be one caught having sex in a drug raid? Won’t the commotion stir the environment  and have everyone scrambling blindly to escape or stand still?  Obviously seeking attention, Ampoloquio may as well have named Ms. Roces while certifying facts.  He has even added another insinuation that operative let her free in exchange of sexual favors.  These heavy allegations can only root from an utterly malicious mind.  Do we really need these kind of writers/radio anchors in this time and age of reckoning?

Here is Ampoloquio’s piece as it appears on the Remate online version [edited] :  EVERY time we get to hear some stories about this quondam sexy actress, we feel nothing but pity. Ma-imagine mong dati-rati’y she was living in overflowing luxury with millions of money in the bank, tangible investments like a well-appointed house somewhere in Kyusi, a farm as well, along with other investments. Ang kaso, nagbaliw-baliwan kaya biglang nilayasan ng kanyang asawa na siyang nagpapatakbo ng kanyang finances nang maayos dahil kadalasan nga’y bangenge siya. What a pity! Anyway, sa isang drug-bust operation, nagulat daw ang mga police reporter na kasama ng mga pulis dahil may nakita sila roong very familiar face na gumagawa ng something very intimately sexual (she was performing fellatio sa kanyang kasamang lalaki…Hahahahahahahahahaha! How gross!) Obviously, they were high on drugs kaya hindi nila namalayang hinuhuli na pala sila ng mga pulis. Hahahahahahahahahaha!  Ma-imagine mong sa mga kwarto-kwartito na lang daw nakatira ang dati-rati’y pabolosa ang andang sexpot? How so very traumatic!  Yuck!Yuck!Yuck! Kumbaga, masyadong naging bulagsak sa kanyang kabuhayan kaya in the end, nahuli na lang siyang nagbi-BJ. Ano ba ‘yan, ning? Sayang naman ang narating mo sa industriya. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Ang nakatatawa, kahit na ano pang mga mapangahas at nakagigimbal na kwento ang kanyang pakawalan, (kesyo chinorva siya ng kanyang nakatatandang utol eklaboom when she was very young among other eyebrow-raising story..Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!) Mukhang no-takers na ever. How so very sad! Narating mo na nga ang langit, muli ka na namang nagbalik sa lusak. Que pobrecita! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!‘Yun na!

By eklavumer Posted in 2Cents


  1. Bastos naman talaga ang writer na yan, if you can call him a writer. nega at puro mapanira ang sinusulat. he should be banished from the face of the tabloids or any any other form of mass media!

  2. sorry ampoloquio..try harder..di kta pagbibigyang lumigaya pag nakuha mo ang attention ko at galitin ako…Imbento ka pa tanga!! di kayang isalba ng english mo ang kabobohan mo !! attack and collect… a PARASITE indeed!!

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