Tia Pusit : When Will She Ever Find True Love?

Tia Pusit : When Will She Ever Find True Love?

Poor Tia Pusit.  She  lost a very young lover after allowing herself to be scrutinized, shredded and maligned in a forcing-through-privacy-unfriendly show on TV5 entitled FACE THE PEOPLE [forerunner to  Face To Face].  Why she conceded to be part of an episode must be for the purpose of remuneration , since in the bleakness of this season some people squeeze their guts for a dime or two.  We may not be in the position to judge her, but made it subliminally clear that she needed some help.  At 66, it seems that wisdom has not sank deep into her skull.  She even gave personal details such as how they meet and the gory part of having to almost lose her life in a sexual act attempt.  These things could have just been kept within her foul confines but she must be quite desperate to show the world her latest conquest : a 27-year old callcenter agent. Apparently the parents of the guy were wary about publicly exposing their boy as her paramour.  The ageing comedienne even stressed that money was out of the question and that they were madly in love with each other.  After the show was aired, some obscure wire reported that they had broke up.  The reason ? Privacy issues.  The parents and relatives of the boy did not like the way Tia Pusit dragged their kin into becoming an issue of ridicule.  Well, Tia Pusit should have taken lessons from a former sexy actress/widow of an action icon on how to keep things secret… her lesbianism has never been the talk of the town even if she is now openly being seen as very manly!


  1. i, from now on wil follow your blog for the sole purpose of entertaining myself with the way you put your thoughts into writing..i am amazed!

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