pizap.com13862954713331I am not a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a psychopath.  I am just a poor boy and my story’s often told.  I have tried to resist this urge to unravel disturbing thoughts on how unhealthy your state of mind [and being] can get while heavy in the mill of the entertainment industry.  It is not really drugs or alcohol that suffocate rational behavior but rather the stress of keeping up with fame.  This is one sad affair since it is quite hard to let go of prolonged or momentary popularity in a pipe dream setting.  The insanity one has to dip into is beyond what is unreal while trying to wiggle right back into the shores of anonymity.  Such is the story of an 80s bold star who dreamed of becoming a great actress by producing her own signature film.  Her thoughts were centered on the awards she was to get out of it and some extra dough for upkeep.  She made the necessary arrangements for some financing [reportedly from a controversial nilulumot nang senator among other sources] and was sweet-talked by a director ,[ who by then was at his height of reckoning] who promised her an award-winning project that would zoom her up within the realms of a Nora and a Vilma, all rolled into one.  Haphazardly , she got into the bandwagon without really taking into consideration a whole lot of factors that would be essential to the  undertaking.  She ignored well-meaning advises and even started to exhibit arrogance in her conduct.  Her sad mistake was really her intent.  She wasn’t quite sure if she was dealing with a film director or a pervert who was obsessed with her.   She fired people right and left and when the shortest of principal photography endeavor came to a halt , everything came tumbling down.  She lost her money and she lost her mind.  The project was too ambitious for an imbecile to hitch its wagon to a name.  There was no solid story line and worse, there wasn’t even a sequence treatment to an invisible script.  The money was lost to booze [among others]  and unnecessary extravagance of the directorand the people [who happened to be lesbians; no slur intended]  she randomly hired while the cast and crew were never paid, even to this day.  She went into a hiatus ; of course what else was there to do and then word spread that she had a nervous breakdown.  The easiest way out, really.  Who would have expected her to pull such an act? Everyone did.  At the last day of their location shoot, she was acting strange… she was definitely fearing for her life since the whole community was outraged with the exploitation they got from the production and bonded with the unpaid cast and crew.  She had to whisked out of the place or be damned.  That could have been the end of it all… the end of her filmic dream.  But no, recently she has been allegedly pitching the project again for whatever reason.  The footage which she say is with hermust be  corrupted by time [although she insists otherwise].  She has been bothering people again, but not just with the ill-fated film project but with a whole lot of other trivial things.  This is the height of indiscretion.  One has to stay within the surface to be successful in the world of make-believe.  Being humble and learning lessons well can heal all pains because IF otherwise … one has to deal with being branded as BALIW.   This is not even the WHOLE story!

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