Baranda : Flaunting The Gift Of Science

Baranda : Flaunting The Gift Of Science

Just like clinging to a life vine, we cannot seem to let go of the now infamous ANNE CURTIS TANTRUM INCIDENT  that happened weeks past our better days.  She has apologized.  The aggrieved party have accepted it. So it should have stopped there. But, NO.  We will have to savor an almost non-stop media feed on the subject simply because its main player is host to a noontime show that has now eclipsed the long-running one.  Indeed, [IT’S] SHOWTIME is enjoying an all-time high ratings against EatBULAGA! not by its content and/or production value  but basically because of curiosity.  Curiosity as to how Curtis is faring after the exposè.  Another player came to fore of late, to supposedly belie the allegation that she was pointed and screamed [I can buy you, your friends and this club] at by the mistiza actress [her mother is a Filipino domestic helper who married an Australian] , saying that NONESUCH ever happened.  Phoemela Baranda, aesthetically-enhanced ageing model/host categorically made this statement :   “Hindi niya sa akin sinabi ‘yon, walang… walang ganoon na nangyari o sinabi si Anne, and…I’ll continue… hindi niya rin ako dinuro. She wasn’t angry at me, she didn’t call me names, walang ganung pangyayari. I mean, she said something to me because galit na siya sa… sa ibang individuals doon.” 

Ah. Ok. Wish we can accept that but then netizens have other ideas.  They abhor the idea of damage control ; saying that indeed she [Phoemela] has been bought!  Since if Curtis never said that, where did that come from? Definitely not from the pretentious crowd who ladder up and continuously crave to climb the chemically induced euphoria at the top of the stair? Those words must have come from some unlaundered mouth left to stink in every possible circumstance.  The thing there should have had Baranda making baranda the very next day after the incident denying any of it happening!  Again, there isn’t any issue actually since NOBODY filed a police complaint against Curtis’ bagras behavior at the club.  This was an isolated event that could have just been kept between drunks among other mortals lost in the maze of substance abuse.


  1. Sinong ugok ang maniniwala sa drug addict na yan, na sariling anak eh dineny na halos dalawang dekada!

    Shame on Viva, shame on Phoem, shame on ANNE BUNGANGA!!!

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