Rushing like a surge of stale water are talks around town that KC CONCEPCION is playing sweet, swaying music with ball-kicker Phil Younghusband.  Can this be the truest of all chizmax , while the wake of Phil’s severance from Angel Locsin has just been interred into some love mausoleum?  Isn’t this a bit soon or should we speculate that the real reason of the milk souring between them was/is KC CONCEPCION?  But then and again, aren’t we all now numb when it comes to the megastar’s dawster? She has been doing the rounds of being linked to a lot of men [and half-men!] hereabouts and overseas.  She has been spotted dating Caucasian celebs , now and to another the next.  Has she finally sent a subliminal message that PAULO AVELINO is NOT her cup of tea?  Frankly, Younghusband is one hot dude and it would be such a pleasure to add him to the list! Touchè…

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