Things have changed.  What used to be taboo is now slowly creeping into the conscious world as just one of those things.  But this often ravaged by nature country called The Republic of the Philippines is now slightly aware that it has elected an IGNORAMUS into office, particularly the presidency.  Imagine a near bald bachelor in his mid-50s squirting views regarding his distorted imagery of same-sex marriage in public!  “I stated before that parang the one… On one side of me says iyong human rights are supposed to be universal; on the other hand, I can’t help… Parang if we go into gay marriages, then siyempre, the next step will be adoption and I don’t know if… I still have to look at it from the child’s perspective, ano. Is that something that is desirable in an environment for a child? ‘Yung in understanding the world to have—to induce more confusion. And that particular comment got me into the crosshairs of an individual who, up to this day, hates me for saying it,”  Those are the exact words of Noynoy Aquino.  It is still a mystery where that came from but from its context which profusely used the word ‘PARANG’ is totally uncalled for.  Walang conviction at parang gago lang ang nagtu-talk.  He could have made it more precise like : ‘Ayoko ng same-sex marriage dahil nakadidiri! Sinusunog sa impyerno ang mga kaluluwa ng mga putang inang LGBT na yan!’  That would have suddenly stirred a strong essential manifestation of what he really meant.  Gay marriage is really not our utmost concern at the moment but respecting people who  opt to seal their same-sex relationship is still the order of the day.  Imagine Aquino having the nerve to question the capacity of gay people to raise children?  Para na rin nyang kinukwestyon kung paano magpalaki ng anak ang mga madyongera, lasenggo at mga mga pekeng bayani! PWEH!

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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