pizap.com13850924423572While it is just fine to let an American Idol runner-up sing Lupang Hinirang in a face-smashing-bone-crunching bout of two idiots on an elevated canvass ; it is rather discomforting to note that Manny Pacquiao took the initiative to invite Jessica Sanchez.  Let’s face it … she is a U.S. citizen and to let her sing the Philippinesnational anthem is ludicrous. It is beyond reason not to confront the whiskers of the champion pugilist of the south for such decision.  He should have known better and invited JOEY AYALA instead to do the honors and re-educate this country as to how to nurture love for our bayang magiliw.  On the other hand, Joey Ayala’s viral tutorial on the proper way to sing it is on its way to the classics.  We should indeed consider shredding our thoughts on every word, line, phrase, melody and octave whenever we sing Lupang Hinirang.

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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