JUNJUN QUINTANA : Flirting With Fame



In a spur of a moment, one can easily cozy up with a stranger especially if his eyes mesmerizingly sparkle with each glance and his aura envelops the air around you. Such is an experience with JUNJUN QUINTANA. At twenty-five, he has the world on the palm of his hand as he is considered to be one of the most important Johnny-come-lately in the indie block these days. “I am immensely fascinated with the film industry in general … the magic , the intricate process that goes with it , everything!” , he winks to embed his enthusiasm towards the calling he feels very much a part of now . Although he admits that he has a day job in a family-owned business , “After appearing in Direk Adolf (Alix) film HAROU, my priorities somehow switched toward pursuing an acting career and I am blessed to have received interesting roles to tackle.” Interesting is a tame word to describe his film outings since some of them made him bare some skin and indulge in spicy scenes. No qualms so far with way things are going in his career , he positively takes in a perspective wherein the essentials are what matters most. When asked if he was ever uncomfortable shedding clothes in screen, he simply smiled and said that such is all in a day’s work in the life of an actor who aspires to be acknowledged as the best in his breed. On the lighter side, Quintana takes to music for fun and as a matter of fact is heavy on establishing a still to be named rock band.
JUNJUN is ecstatic about his playing lead on Benjamin Garcia’s “PHILIPPINO STORY” for this year’s CinemaOne Originals Film Festival. The film’s story is a fresh take on the flesh trade and the aberrant path one has to trod to parry the odds and survive its unsavory effects on one’s life. He stresses that he took in the role in an uninhibited manner to tackle the nuance it required effortlessly.
Junjun Quintana & Xixi Maturan

Junjun Quintana & Xixi Maturan

[THIS also appears on the CinemaOneOriginals Film Festival issue of ISDA MAGAZINE/November2013]

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