ENRIQUE GIL : Whipping It Good!

ENRIQUE GIL : Whipping It Good!

Enrique Gil epitomizes the new mestizo look.  His fairness is well kept with his disarming charm especially when he slices the air with his million-worth smile.  The Cebuano gentleness in him further leave an engaging calmness that whenever he is on screen there is this ticklish sensation that makes you giggle a bit.  He truly is the hot guy on the block and when he taught us all how to doughie, there wasn’t turning back ENRIQUE GIL effortlessly  slew the boredom of the local showbiz beat!  He has already made a name for himself in several photoplays and lately rumors have it that it was he who the crowd lined up for and not a Dingdong Dantes or a Bea Alonzo in StarCinema’s SHE’S THE ONE.  He is the gold that everybody wants to mine now but definitely the credits go to ABS-CBN network that nurtured him right for the game.  He is soon to star in his own big dome affair which will further showcase his stupefying dance moves among other exciting treats!

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