The JennyLyn-Luis Break-up : Kevs!

The JennyLyn-Luis Break-up : Kevs!

Some cheeky a bit cheesy showbiz comrade sent me a viber message that made me rush to where my dentures were , popped them into my cavity and started screaming!  WHAAAAATTTT????  The earth-shakin’, mind-bogglin’ news about LUIS MANZANO & JENNYLYN MERCADO’s break-up totally numbed me from chin down to my pubes! It wasn’t easy for me to calm down so easily since from the start of their relationship I only wished that they both were good enough for each other to lead them into marital bliss forever and a day.  There were of course speculations of a shortlived liaison for allegedly due to several issues such as bisexuality and promiscuity [damn, you figure to whom which of which apply to].  For a while, they seemed so jelled up and romantic sparks were reportedly seen everytime they appeared together in public.  But then, here it is.  They have split up.  Possible reasons? The usual, personality quirks that don’t jibe; a third party who came late and drank like a fish; archived ills that is unearthed every now so often to chill the bottle… and a whole lot of other interplanetary bumps that severed a bond once tied to each other’s heart.  In few, or better still this weekend one of them will be interviewed by some bald phantom and everybody will be made to believe what they feel should be appropriately believable! Touché!


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