King of Pinoy Folk & Girlfriend

King of Pinoy Folk & Girlfriend

It is not everyday now that we ogle on what FREDDIE AGUILAR is up to.  After he gained massive popularity with his ANAK hitsong ; he simply stayed on an OPM pedestal where his name is usually mentioned with a slight bow of reverence.  A high priest of sorts, Ka Freddie as he is fondly called ; sailed through the years while maintaining a lifestyle fit the King of Pinoy Folk.  His record royalties and business acumen has made that all possible.  Then yesterday, in a salacious tone , netizens were outraged with his latest amorous conquest!  A photo showing him smooching a lady.  A photo of a 60 year old man romancing an allegedly 16 year old girl!  What the!  People were quick to react and condemn the recently senior-ed Ka Freddie!  This is an outrage!  Some even took the effort to consult lawyers and quote his possible offenses.  They figured that Aguilar can be accused of SEDUCTION and also answerable to RA9262 among other sundries.  Is it then an indiscretion on the icon’s part to have shared his private affair to public?  Is he trying to make some people green with envy that at his age he enamored a spring chicken with some feathers still missing?  With what surfaced on the net, Aguilar simply said that  he did not know that his girlfriend was a minor when he first met her but said he was already in love when he found out. He also added that He said he has her parents’ blessings and is ready to marry her when she’s legal and ready. He added that they have discussed the prospect of having a baby.  Love knows nothing but itself… it is blind, ageless, gender-less, space-less and most often misunderstood to cock-eyed idiots like reporters!

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