Lance Raymundo : BEST DANCE!



Actor LANCE RAYMUNDO is a RARA AVIS… a Rare Bird in our midst.  You best describe him when you don’t since nobody really knows what is brewing deeper into his creative mind.  The poignance he drizzles upon each and every  performance profoundly personify the now countless filmic  characters he ephemerally lend lives to.  But Lance also has  this rhythmic energy that he has properly put into place.  Been into it for a while now, he merely put that into hold for acting projects but when he won Most Outstanding Performance Artist at  the  GawadMusika 2013, he simply couldn’t resist the burning urge to yield and revive his WolfSound. He gladly obliges to share how WolfSound saw the light : Wolfsound is a collection of 12 electropop songs which I wrote during my one week stay in Papua New Guinea! I had a concert there with Gretchen Espina. During our free days… Something about the environment (mostly jungles.. trees… animals… I had a blast nature tripping) triggered the inspirations for WOLFsound. Wolf is the acronym for Wonders Of Living in Freedom. In my case… Freedom to fully express myself as a songwriter because I’m releasing the songs independently…. So I’m not following any orders from A&R [Artist&Repertoire]  people from record companies. I hope this inspires other artists to set their Art free for the public to enjoy! Best Dance is all about wanting to be the most memorable thing to ever happen to any girl I go out with. “Dance” is just symbolic. It could mean anything. Hence my ending line: “it doesn’t matter if I am her first or last dance… All that really matters is I AM her Best Dance”. If I get favorable response from this demo… I will definitely make a music video… And you bet it’s gonna be sexy as hell!!! I’m already visualizing how the girls would look like in the video! I have 11 more wolfsongs … So this is a trial and error experiment and I’m ready to digest any input from my audience… The Friends Of WolF!  

As a former pop FM  dj, I would float into every playlist a WolfSong for its dynamic thrust and because it’s a fresh take on ElectroPop by a Filipino!  A legend in the making? Most likely. Lance Raymundo is one name to remember now… not just as an actor but as a musician of substance as well!

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