Part 2 of How Many More???

Part 2 of How Many More??? (screengrabbed from FB post of “Katol Pa Tall’ Account

The networld was abuzz anew yesterday when links from an FB account ‘KATOL PA TALL’ spread like measle outbursts one in a millisecond of human breath!  There it was indeed, easily accessible ; a sequel to an issue that could have well been made oblivious for obvious reasons.  This time around, it is a little more than 11 minutes of an almost endless humping with Neri on top and occasional tit sucking chores from Chito.  On the last part, Chito takes the top and further humps with his swollen appendage defined in a silhouette.  There were thousands of likers and commentators which were mostly ‘pangangantyaw’.  Some hinted that both were heavily drugged while others pitied Neri for being exposed again this way.  It seems that the NBI hasn’t tracked down the source of the video since the account declares that we should all watch out for a Part 3!  Part 3? Now that would be a bore!

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