Photo Courtesy : Rain Mendoza

Photo Courtesy : Rain Mendoza

Several times in the past I have actually seen people throwing trash out of their car/bus windows.  You can imagine how some people are so insensitive that they bother the rest of the world with their crap.  It is a good thing that RAIN MENDOZA spotted such disgusting deed on the road and even got the details to nail the perpetrator!  Here is Rain’s photo posted on her FB wall, September 7 at 4:30pm :


I just have to post this. The passengers of the vehicle right ahead of us just dumped, repeatedly on all sides, the containers of their food and drinks to-go on the road. I find this rude, barbaric, inappropriate, revolting, and should never be imitated. I am sickened to have to face the fact that these people can afford such an expensive ride but cannot afford to educate themselves on proper waste disposal.

 — feeling annoyed with Rafi Delica at Sta. Rosa City, Laguna.

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