MOMZILLAS‘ is an age old story of warring mothers-in-law-to-be.  We all have familiar stories stuck in our sick minds to pull out and unravel during downtime while the rest of the world celebrate order and beauty.  This time around, real-life maid-beater actress Maricel Soriano teams up with Star-of-Diminishing-Returns Eugene Domingo in Wenn Deramas‘ ‘MOMZILLAS’.  Frankly as a furter, this movie will surely tickle a massive block of tax non-payers whose taste have been tampered with slapsticking gags urged by their growling tummies.  People of taste and good intentions will merely find it the residual worth of a time left after a long fart in the elevator.  ‘MOMZILLAS’ is  A pocketbook by Jill Kargman and we are sure this movie used the title without any courtesy since nothing about it is mentioned in the first place.  If you have to watch it, you might as well watch with no reservations or convictions since after being marinated with the pork national issue and of late, Bayola’s teeny-weenie , this diversion may answer all queries why in hell does this country cuddle greedy people.  Remember, you are what you watch so be very cautious with the moving pictures you patronize.  The movie also stars Billy Crawford and Andi Eigenmann.  Produced by StarCinema.

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