Glaucomic Curve : WRONG FATHER?

pizap.com13785631264922I am not ready for this post. I cannot mince words in my convoluted comfort to bring out details ; but then I guess that is the chewiest part of winding down some glaucomic curve!  The subject of this malicious bridge of thread is considered to be the hottest in HIS generation.  Being a true blue showbiz creature, he belongs to a clan of actors who have made names for themselves with their endemic talent.  His mother used to be a sexy star and his father is the less popular sibling of an action icon.  Undeniably, his family name carried him from cradle to stardom but wait … there is a glitch somewhere.  It appears that although he looks quite like the rest of the clan ; he actually really took to his mother’s features which leads to a rather screwy afterthought of sorts.  It so happened that his mother had a relationship with a singer/composer (now not so active in the circuit  and happily married) during those troubled times a bit before she conceived him.  The thing now is our subject is a splitting image of the singer/composer’s daughter and he has become a singing sensation himself with some sounds quite similar to that of the singer/composer!  Am I confused or just being snooty?  It is not farfetched that he was NOT sired by the father he grew up to believe is ; and actually his mother was impregnated by  the singer/composer!  But will it be worth to still clog up pipes and unearth the truth?  Perhaps not. But it would help to know the truth by a simple DNA test! No clues for the hot actor but for the singer/composer ; ahm… his initials is a repetition of a letter in the alphabet.

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