Xixi Maturan @ Ayala Center Cebu

Xixi Maturan @ Ayala Center Cebu

I am quite sure that vacations are basically [moments] away from one’s self.  It is that simple time when there isn’t really anything important [or basic] and that oblivion is where you should be.  I have been literally having the best days of August here in Cebu and  would love to do a replay in my mind once I get back to Los Baños next week!  There is a fat chance of visiting nearby Bohol if and when the weather permits ; I will not risk my beauty to the nasty ways of the sea! Of course my Mindanao trip last April was a blast, but that was a visit to a distant past and to the place where I was born ; this trip now is all about re-immersing myself into the Visayan air!  Come November [or sometime before Christmas] I just might stop traffic in HK  … so that’ll wrap up my Asian affair?  I am not big in qoutes or fables of that sort, but from FB’s FactBook I find the following Lovely Logics redundantly Logical!  I realize that indeed there are thoughts that direly need to be shared so here it is :

1. Make Peace with your Past.. so it doesn’t
spoil your Present.
2. What others Think of you is None of your
3. Time Heals Almost Everything, Give the
Time, Some Time.
4. No one is the Reason of your Happiness…
Except You yourself.
5. Don’t compare your Life with others, You
have No Idea what
their journey is all about.
6. Stop Thinking too much, It’s alright not to
know all the Answers.
7. Smile, you don’t own all the Problems in the


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