pizap.com13759314227763GRETCHEN BARRETTO is a name to reckon with.  Of course we are all aware of how she came to stay in our celluloid schemes and smoked our pipedreams like a dragonette addicted to the scent of fame.  Her mistiza allure hypnotized an audience who  at some time were getting nauseous with a certain Cristina Gonzales ; another mistiza who showed the peripherals of her privates in such a titillating way that made young boys touch themselves more than the usual.  GRETA as she was called later, grabbed the ST queen crown  scepter, sash and bouquet and declared Gonzales a goner.  Her affairs with men were mere speculations and when the time was ripe she settled to become the mistress of a playboy/millionaire who sired her  a daughter in his image.  This time , she wracks our family values by warring with her siblings and parents.  If you carefully decipher the codes written on her botoxed face, you will see that the iceberg has melted.  She has exposed immoral secrets and assured the world that the family , as an institution is soluble and worthless if its members are loosely related to the rational prerequisites of society.  At a recent awards night, she smirked and bellowed sarcasm towards inane questions by cretinous reporters who wanted some blood.  GRETA is not a lady.  She has never been one.  Perhaps we should not totally judge her but rather regard her case as someone who has not absorbed the deeper essence of being a woman, a mortal, a citizen, a daughter, a sister, a mother … she has settled for what is easier to achieve and that is being a BITCH.

4 comments on “RE-EDUCATING GRETA

  1. para sa akin.. hindi maganda ang sinsabi tungkol sknya.. lahat ng tao.. my kanya kanyang ugali… personalidad .. anuman ang pinakita nya.. o inaasal nya.. wala taung karapatang humusga… lalo na kung ndi naman tau ang naagrabyado o apektado s mga binatawan nyang salita.. hayaan natin sya.. sya un.. intndhn at pabayaan nlng.. ndi ung kung anu-ano pang mga masasakit n salita ang sasabhin natin sknya.. un lng poh…

  2. Compared to other blogs/sites I take my hat off to aliwan avenue! profound and entertaining always! more power!

  3. kung minsan di rin natin maiwasang maghusga kasi inilalabas naman nila talaga ang mga dapat sana’s itinago nila. kaya ayun……based dun sa kanilang ipinapakita….dun tayo nakakapag-comment. we don’t know baka gusto rin nila kasi mukhang mahilig sila sa controversies or sanay na sila matagal na.

  4. I think Gretchen is desperate to prove to all that she’s the best among the siblings and she has so much insecurities that reflects on how she deals with her family. She’s too proud of herself because of her material possessions.

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