Kristoffer King & Kiro Baldemor

Kristoffer King & Kiro Baldemor

After the indie world experienced  a slight tremor when MARCO MORALES hugged the late night news with his nonchalant hotel thievery and eventual surrender; another shaky story gripped the circuit this time with alleged carnapping not just by one but two indie studs.  KRISTOFFER KING and KIRO BALDEMOR are reportedly in hiding after running away with cars owned by their gay friends.  It just might be  a stretch of malicious talk, but naughtiness has limits to speak of.  At the moment [supposedly] , these mouth-watering hunks are nowhere to be found.  There seems to be a trail of unsavory stories regarding indie actors nowadays ; it is said that they are readily available somewhere along Quezon Avenue and can be had for 1K.  The trade is fleshy now? You tell me!

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