Michael Pangilinan

Michael Pangilinan

Labelling is such a sad affair as it is not decided by a spin doctor but by a public .  This is the case of MICHAEL PANGILINAN, an XFACTOR contender who did not make it to final cut but nevertheless a talented singer who is now touted to be the heir apparent of Hajji Alejandro and Ariel Rivera as the ‘KILABOT NG MGA KOLEHIYALA’.  Actually, in this country of gullible media market blocks, you can spell backwards and nobody bothers to give a hoot  as long as you make sure you look determined to commit the odds to oblivion.  Indeed , Pangilinan is a debonair /balladeer  material but he still has to make his rounds in the exclusive school circuit to once and for all validate the  title being peddled around town.  Alejandro and Rivera were created by these giggly-heavily-cologned-semi-virgins which flag a vaulted recognition of what they are best remembered nowadays.  Pangilinan, on the other hand rammed through singing contests before he slightly gained some popularity.  He is all geared up to beg some more attention now that an album is about to be launched but with only 5 songs to boot and exhibit his vocal charm. ‘KILABOT NG MGA KOLEHIYALA’ is NOT what he exudes at the moment [with some unflattering flabs here and there and a noticeably bothering flamboyant conduct during interviews] , but rather a flash on a reflected pan diffused by a hunger for fame!

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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