Photo Courtesy : Maan Gonda Camañag

Photo Courtesy : Maan Gonda Camañag

MAAN GONDA CAMAÑAG HAD AN UNSAVORY EXPERIENCE WHILE ON THE ROAD, This is what she revealed on her FB Wall : Last Monday (8 July 2013) at around 6pm, at HV Dela Costa cor. dela Rosa Streets in Makati, the driver of this van stopped in front of my car, went down and punched profusely at the driver’s side window of car. From the moment he cut me off, my reaction was to back up and just go with my business, and just move along with the traffic. The van’s driver caught up with me and even as I wanted to ignore him, I “rolled” my window down after he punched the window, and asked him poker-faced, “Anong problema mo?” To which he said profusely, ” Bakit mo ko binubusinahan?!” 
I told him, “Hindi lang ikaw ang sasakyan dito, bakit ka nagkakaganyan?”
And his reply was, “Pasalamat ka babae ka! Tapos aatras ka pa kanina!” 
The last thing I told him was, “Natural. Alangan naman patulan kita.” After that I rolled up my window and drove off. That was his cue to go too, while trying to stall me, of course. 

I feel so bad that I wasn’t able to take a photo of the driver. He seemed to me like he’s in his 30’s, he was short for a guy– like 5’2″, he looked like he works in a bank judging from his polo barong and he was fair-complexioned. He obviously had a bad day but to lash it out on a fellow motorist is absurd. I APPEAL TO ANYONE OF YOU WHO KNOWS THE OWNER OR WHO HAVE SEEN THIS VAN. KINDLY SEND ME A MESSAGE. 

I do not know, but seems to me that only his ego got hurt in a harmless blowing horn, while HE HARASSED ME IN FRONT OF MY 2 KIDS. And does he think that his attitude would be deemed fine if I was a guy too? What does “pasalamat ka babae ka” mean? I need to be enlightened with rude motorists like this guy. 



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