Paternal love is an intriguing issue.  It is often misunderstood and underrated for masculinity reasons. A father’s love is like a cloud that hover and linger above his offspring caring for them in a seemingly stoic manner never fathomed by anyone but by  one’s self.  Of late, two fathers struck our attention with how they exhibited an inner instinct of how their kind should.  RAYMART SANTIAGO is now the ice queen of a papa for leaving home and not clearly giving a hoot with what happened in their crib.  He has obviously confirmed a long-running rumor that his wife Claudine has triumphed to piss him off big time.  It indeed is quite a feat to deal with a woman with a reputation of having psychoemo difficiency.  Perhaps in this case,  the lines were crossed;  cups filled and battles have been lost.  Claudine’s camp made a big deal of Raymart’s absence during their adopted daughter’s birthday party and even gave a preemptive information of a video taken by the latter.  Obviously, the tape may contain incriminating visuals of minor maltreatment , thus the voluntary presence of such.  Whatever is on it may punctuate the sticky situation their family is stuck with at the moment.  On the other arm, JAMES YAP deserves a standing ovation for fighting for his right as father to Bimby.  He waned not and sought the logical solution to his woes.  A gentleman, inspiteof having been trashed by Kris Aquino [his former-wife-from-a-fake-wedding], he stood by his solid ground to commit to his responsibility as their child’s father no matter what.  You are a gem, James!

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