Kristoffer King’s ‘INDAYOG … Sayaw Ng Buhay’ Opens JULY 31!

indayogINDAYOG…Sayaw Ng Buhay : Life beats like a lingering dance. The rhythm of the music compels anyone to dance with every pulsating challenge in life.
As Lena, Von at Charles sway through the rhythm of their lives, each night commences new challenges that they need to confront. Another bit of experience, a new phase of trial and an anonymous dance unfold… and they need to fit in whatever the music plays.
At times, the rhythm reverberates a tango for two and paces out another partner to join the beat. With this dance, Lena’s life connect with that of Von’s and Charles’s. And as long as this music resonates in their lives, they need to continue dancing with it.
But every beat of challenge in life has its own ending and finishes off with a finale. Even if they still want to dance with it, there’s a time to wind up, especially when the music stops. When another melody fills the air, they are obliged to grace through a new tempo of their life. After all, they don’t have much choice but to dance with the rhythm of life.

INDAYOG … Sayaw Ng Buhay stars  Cinemalaya 2012, Best Actor Kristoffer King with Jeremy Ian and Gretel Barreto. Directed by Darry Dela Cruz.

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