pizap.com13723248343921THIS PICTURE is ALL WRONG.  While the girl teases up the air in her bikini, the guys are safely draped with their surfshorts or better known here as ‘Puruntong‘ shorts [inspired by Dolphy‘s character in ‘John&Marsha‘ tv show] .  Whoever brewed up this pictorial concept is not aware that promotion pictorials should follow a synch-ed up conduct so as not confuse its purpose.  Definitely , the selling point zeroes in to the sensual levels of the theme but on this photo, they have denied the male subjects the use of enticing BANANA HAMMOCKS that would drum up whatever interest they deem to achieve for people to salivate on what they are pitching.  And grammar shouldn’t be an  issue here when idiots don’t really get the drift !

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  1. GRAMMAR. That’s what wrong with that picture.

    eKLAvUMER REPLIED : and with your comment! hahaha perhaps the california air has fermented your wit for you not to get the drift!

  2. When you go to Boracay or any swimming pool or any beach , most men wear surfing shorts,even here in the US women wears two piece but the guys doesnt wear trunks , most of the guys wear surfing short when they go to swim..so nothings wrong…no offense..

  3. I see nothing wrong with this photo. The girl is in a bikini and the guys are in board shorts. What’s the big deal?
    eKLAvUMER REPLIED : NO BIG DEAL real, you just didn’t get the drift or maybe some california mold has sipped into your junk. hahaha

  4. eKLAvUMER replied : The essence of this post is the dismay of some pinkies that the men in the photo did not wear banana hammocks to make it really interesting.

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