GlaucomicCurve : TWO TRIPS

pizap.com13721329912272‘Blinding’ an item or ‘curving’ a glaucoma is a game played by lesser mortals as well as high-end bitches in whichever convenient way.  Nobody actually wins, the player, the characters involved… everybody is a loser.  But on the lighter side, it passes time as we all lull away from some obscene realities in our midst.  This time? It’s a duo.  Two trips to cultivate barren sites of one’s cranial case.  TRIP 1 :  Mother-Child High.  This is not new, in the 90s we heard talks of an actress sharing her stash with her then budding actor son.  Eerie as it went, talks of incest even surfaced.  But this time , the mother of  a young promising stud appears to tolerate her son’s appetite for drugs by being the latter’s runner.  She makes sure that supply is always at hand for a euphoric binge at any time.  To assure quality, she has to use it first and delivers the shit to her son.  Lately, the actor has exhibited signs of excessive use with his deliberate disregard of time and focus.  This event is to the dismay of his fans since at  this stage in  his career he has been cited for his fine film & television performances.  Clue? He has  letters for a name!  TRIP 2 :  Power-High.  Yes, power tripping is a favorite past time of people who can’t get enough attention for being such an asshole.  This time it’s an actor-politician on the spotlight.  According to the waiter of a restaurant in the GH area, this pudgy-stocky excuse of a man usually arrives with his groupies  at their establishment just a few minutes before closing time. Naturally, he orders the works and lingers way, way past operating hours; that’s around a little more after midnight. That really isn’t the problem though since being a regular , they have to please their customers and willing to extend for their pleasure.  The catch is : He is such a tightwad.  For all the service and overtiming the staff, he does NOT leave a tip to appease the extra abala.  Clue? The waiter says: ‘Mukha siyang baboy-damo‘!

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