Zanjo & Maichel

Zanjo & Maichel

It has been quite a while since we had this feature! Gosh, what was I thinking? Really, I haven’t been myself for the longest time after realizing that 2013 was such a travel-ly year for me.  That’s what I get for tossing up my luck on a balloon last New Year’s eve and it worked without me realizing how hectic times can get lagging on suitcases and catching flights and buses! Luck has become ME!  Anyway, this time around I took notice of the striking similarities of two hunks ; one is already made, and the other an upstart.  ZANJO MARUDO and MAICHEL FIDELES are deadringers of each other.  Bushy eyebrows, dart-sharp gazes , parallel noselines and their lips (to die for) are of the same genre of lusty curl and thickness.  Although when Maichel was in PBB Teen, he had a different aura, now that he has taken a bold turn he has perhaps learned to tuck up some muscles in an attempt to appear sexy. Older, Zanjo has mastered the art of tease and that keeps us all under a ticklish spell!


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