To drum up some interest to a lackluster franchise talent show she is on as mentor, LEA SALONGA aggressively reacted to her alleged ‘haters’ on Twitter where a couple (read: 2 pieces) branded her performance as O.A. or OverActing.  Of course, Lea is not O.A., she doesn’t have to because that is how she is.  As a world-class stage actress/singer, her instincts puppets her up to act as big as possible.  This, not mentioning the show’s requirement of mentors to wildly react to the talents presented to them.  The show ‘THE VOICE’ is the one that is O.A.  As it may be a showcase of  singers, it also underlines public embarrassment in such a condescending way that some may opt to have a puke bucket by their side while watching it.  Going back to Lea, she nailed it right when she commented on one dirty-looking-raspy-voiced lesbian that the latter’s voice had ‘LIBOG’.  Notably in the past, the international star always had this trouble of incorporating some of such in her performances.  Hers is a pure, unadulterated and impeccable voice that rides on the perfect notes but fails to hit the soul stream and utterly lack some kick of libido. What we have, she doesn’t , so what’s the fuzz?

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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