Pollyanna's DOReMi Asiana

Pollyanna’s DOReMi Asiana

I’m not really into DORY.  The fish. Fillet. But when some cutie sends you a package marked ‘Pangasus’ , who am I to refuse?  So, I took some time to recollect how Chinese restaurants serve them.  Tracing back the memory stored in my taste buds, I configure each simple ingredient that would go with a stress-free preparation.  First, I cut the large fillets into serving portions and steam them with generous slices of ginger; when done, plate them  .  Then, I prepare my sauce :  soy sauce, oyster sauce, julienned ginger (again!), sugar and water.  All these in conservative proportions according to my taste and my audience.  Heat the sauce to a slight boil then pour  into the  plated steamed Dory.   Garnish with crispy fried chopped garlic and spring onions.  Take a bow and FangLa Na!

One comment on “FangLa HeyHey Espesyal : POLLYANNA’S DOReMI ASIANA

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