daianaBrazilian import model/tv person Daiana Menezes slightly stirred the cup of concern these past few days when she started tweeting cryptic messages that were slanting upon an inconvenient situation.  She was slapping on her twitter wall posters such as ,’ No To Violence To Women’ , ‘Real Men Don’t use Violence’ , etc.  Snouting out trouble, netizens were naturally abuzz to feed their curiosity with what was really happening with her.  I did not.  Yes.  I just took a little stool , pushed it back further and lurked there until I felt it was all a flimsy game played by a pretty foreign face  to grab some attention.  Our own DSWD and Women’s advocacy group Gabriela even flirted with the idea of zeroing into her cause with matching publicity pieces to galvanize their serious intent.  Then my stool’s leg broke.  Late yesterday, Daiana Menezes declared that everything was rosy and dandy as a daisy with her and her politician husband.  It appears that they have patched up with whatever differences they had and that everybody should move on! All these for nothing? We really are all clueless with the real score but my take is she has been silenced for painting a dirty picture of her man.  We won’t be surprised that in a few, she will take us to a deja vu and nobody’s gonna bite… a simple case of the girl who cried mouse! Shusssssh!


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