pizap.com13710159727552There isn’t really much to say about Philippine Cinema.  Only those who linger in the rims of their sick perversion will readily froth in the mouth and deliver a piece on the state of what is felt in their blackened groins.  These sons-of-bitches will insist that cinema is the perfect venue where real flesh can be had for promises of stardom.  Yes, first and foremost without willing wide-eyed,  starstruck-mules  there would only be documentaries to while away some precious pleasure moments of every Juan.  The real state of Philippine Cinema is how submissive wannabe’s are.  A striking, stinging truth that haunts the best of judgments that rule the right side of the brain.  The REAL state of Philippine Cinema is how an illusion can transform into a nightmare for young hopefuls who are sexually abused by hand-to-mouth film directors (?) and once sucked-dry are left to feign for themselves in the wilderness.  Such happened to a guy from the province who was invited for a ‘casting call’ or audition by a newbie director who was readily charmed by the guy’s youth and willingness to do anything.    The audition was cheapened by the fact that it ended in bed.  Obviously, the talent  was a jokad boy (male prostitute) but was willing to change his lifestyle if, and ever he was given the chance to become an actor for the sake of his family.  Manipulation followed, aside from sex-ing him up on a daily basis the maniac of a newbie director  felt there was love brewing between them whereas he stipulated insane demands upon his discovery.  Although he was casted in the film , the probinsyano lived in virtual hell with emotional blackmails and endless bickering of the not-so-pretty-and-not-rich (termed as GucciVogue in Batangas gaylingo meaning ‘nagmamaganda, nagpapaandar eh puranggang chaka naman’)  .  Eventually, to be sane and live a dignified life, he (actor-wannabe) left for abroad and found a better way to earn a living; while the film may never hit theaters anywhere in this planet; as for the director, WHO CARES? Sooner or later his itchiness will drive him to scratch his skin off and his brains out!  This is but a microcosm of the real state of Philippine Cinema but then there should be a regulating body where crappy films  are kept away from the better cuts of movie times!


  1. I prefer the ‘rough gems.’ Paradoxically, you would have not written a ‘better cut’ if without those ‘rough gems.’ Your attitude, however, is one that I would distinguish as ‘discriminatory’ instead of ‘discriminating.’ One with a discriminating taste, however, would see ‘gems’ in some ‘roughness.’

  2. eKLAvUMER REPLIED … those with discriminating taste have NO TIME for rough gems. amazed that you haven’t gotten over that thought! And if you properly had your thought processing do an overtime, you will realize that ROUGH GEMS and PERFECT GEMS are segregated if only for identification. perhaps if you mixed them up together you will gather what yourself may loosely be : utter confusion.

  3. ummm, i would not want to separate the sun from manila bay come sunsetting time. that might confuse their chronometrical rhythm and my watch in the process.

  4. exactly! as a matter of habit, i would not even allow myself to be a privy to
    about jokad ending up in bed with a ‘maniac newbie director’ nor relieving his ‘itchiness’ till his brain is out…

    eKLAvUMER REPLIED : AS if it were your business? or would you rather that NAMES BE NAMED SO WE CAN ALL EXPOSE THE ILLS OF THIS INDUSTRY as venue for perverts who parade AS WRITERS/PRODUCERS/DIRECTORS?

  5. ummm, it did not even enter my mind. i wonder why?

    eKLAvUMER REPLIED : for lack of better things to do. obviously.

  6. To The Admin : Please check your site’s email for our proposal of exposing this malady that is plaguing the local industry. We understand that you have personal knowledge of this story and we are very interested.

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