pizap.com13706974898431The Pink Community is all a-buzz! Imagine three visual fares coming soon to titillate a discriminating nerve end to the hilt!  Two Indie Films and a TV series on the age-old, much-ballyhoed and controversial mix of  male homosexuality into the real hetero consciousness.  Over at GMA7 is ‘MY HUSBAND’S LOVER’, a love triangle edged up towards desperation starring Dennis Trillo as the lover, Tom Rodriguez as the husband, and Carla Abellana as ‘my’ , er the wife! LoL.  There’s this talk that you won’t be able to see two men kissing here.  It’s a taboo.  All you will witness is the closing in of their faces and a deafening fade out.  So why bother watching? Who cares to follow a story when we all have had our shares of infidelity and crime? The production is pointing to the MTRCB as the tight -assed culprit since they themselves really wish to include two men sucking faces for the sake of art.  In the indielikula circle, brace your teeth to gnash and grit with desire as you anticipate the showing of not just one but two homoerotic films in the circuit.  The first stars MARCUS CABRERA as the title roler ‘JUMBO JERICHO’. Of course he is not an airplane or a hotdog, he is just a simple guy gifted with a gargantuan dick.  Their trailer says it all… the cock as god, the cock as a vessel of salvation and salivation, the cock here, the cock there.  It’s all about a big cock! Then there’s INDAYOG, starring the last year’s CINEMALAYA  Best Actor awardee KRISTOFER KING in a story of machochupaing, macho dancing and dancing and grinding.  All these happening within the June-July period when the rains start boiling up more heat from your horribly parched lips! Enjoy!

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