pizap.com13704779162971According to an unconfirmed report , VICE GANDA is now on the battle order or hitlist  of a rebel group.  It seems that the homosexual comedian’s disrespect towards women has gotten the ire of the group’s hierarchy.  As such [being on the list],  he should now be very wary with the people around him as well as his conduct in public since any possible opportunity to pounce upon him will be dealt  to satisfy whatever undisclosed particulars/clauses of the order.  It is said that a letter still has to be sent to him and the network/management with which he is affiliated regarding the gravity of what he has done.  Although he might have apologized particularly to Ms.  Jessica Soho for making fun of her physical size and went further to include gang-rape in his gag;  the damage of painting a respected media personality in such a malicious light has obviously exposed him as a performer with a thick inclination to satanism.  There have been earlier incidents of his so-called aesthetic  misdemeanor but the Jessica Soho material hit the worst note ever.  So far, the identity of the rebel group out to get VICE GANDA in any convenient way still has to be revealed.

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