GlaucomicCurve : TOUCHED BY A STAR!

pizap.com13704093799061It’s not unusual these days that are there times when a surge of things past and people past visit my thoughts. It was I guess in the late 80s or early 90s when I chanced upon a boy with an angelic face during one of my late afternoon Ali Mall strolls.  Ali Mall was then at its glorious peak and almost everything happened there!  He was sweet and so lovable that I could not resist inviting him into my private space.  These were the passionate times of my days in Cubao and he will always remain in the lighted corners of my memory.  Just like summer flings he faded into the night and I could only wish that he had found a better deal than what I had to offer.  I guess he did indeed.  After a while, I started recognizing his face joining a male beauty/talent contest on tv and it wasn’t long when he became one of the most sought after actors in the industry.  I chanced upon him at a festival sometime ago and when he saw me he took no time to grab me to some corner and tried to catch up with how I’ve been.  I offered no story and just embraced him oh, so tightly and whispered ‘You will always be special in my heart’ … he smiled and as he turned to leave he blew me the sweetest flying kiss ever!

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