Blind Woman With Karen Carpenter’s Voice Singing “YOU”

Anna Terrefiel Gusmos 'making sounds' very much like Karen Carpenter!

Anna Terrefiel Gusmos ‘making sounds’ very much like Karen Carpenter!

Anything KAREN CARPENTER wakes me up.  Listening to this video I saw from FB’s Hayop Sa Galing group made my day: Shown is the video of a blind woman with a voice of Karen Carpenter singing YOU. In the video are the 4 talented blind singers namely: Anna Terrefiel Gusmos and her baby, Reynante Gusmos, husband, Jericho Baying, keyboard player, and Vivian. They used to sing inside the Pasig City Public Market on Friday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm. Please turn on you speakers. I strongly believe you will go out of comfort zone to help the indigents and talented blind singers in support to POPE FRANCIS mission and vision to help the poor. Please give due recognition to the talents of the blind singers. Anna and Rey have 4 little kids. They lived in a very small room measuring 2 x 4 meters only, no bed, no chairs, etc. Regards and take care, PM US 
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