pizap.com13692952377551It cannot be taken as  logical to suddenly over-react on a NEW AGE NOVELIST’s inclusion of Manila in his latest best seller and refer to it as the  ‘gates of hell’.  It is indeed cretinous to be defensive  and moreover  call Dan Brown’s attention on this matter for the simple reason that new age FICTION  novels are not taken seriously in the real world.  There are talks that citing the Philippines’ capital city  as a gateway to doom is preposterous and we are all being heckled to hate the writer for this.  Whoever pulled the drapes on this issue is such a tight ass and  probably one who has a very limited view of the facets of literature.  The world conceptualized within a fictional story such as ‘INFERNO’  happens only in the imagination of its creator. The use and or referral to real people or real places do not necessarily mean as to how it is described in context.  We should not dwell on quick judgments but rather be concerned that Manila is now part to a global scheme of a wider scale consciousness.  Being referred to as ‘gates of hell’ is an understatement therefore Manila is NOT hell per se.  So what’s the fuzz? Who would really know if this event will have a negative effect on its people and the country itself?  We should all be confident that our country is on its way to greatness…  even if only in our hearts!

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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