Richard Gutierrez  In A Deep Thought

Richard Gutierrez In A Deep Thought

When stars are born in such  unnatural states, they are born volatile and may seek better levels which mean better deals. We are not talking of course about cosmic wonders but local stars whose brilliance are metered with deals.  Contract stars of prime networks are drifting here and there and it has become a trend of sorts.  A dizzying trend if you truly asks.  Some make it better , some just disappear and some are merely mummified and their lives have expiration dates.  But wait, RICHARD GUTIERREZ is NOT leaving his KAPUSO family.  This information was sworn by our source but with a catch.  Allegedly , Gutierrez promised to renew his contract with the network IF they drop all cases filed against his girlfriend … whose name escapes now which I may google anyway, but forgetting her too soon may be an indication that she did not cut a sharp impression on my showbizzy mind!  [google] [after a quickie] Ah, okey. SARAH LAHBATI.  A starstruck winner who in recent history took off to Switzerland after a rift with GMA executives. (Click this for a related post)  This question now hangs if whether the powers that be will give in or not.  Lahbati’s case is so scandalous with ungrateful clauses that forgetting her misconduct may demoralize a  milieu beyond our human understanding. So, when we see Richard switching channels , then nothing came up with his deal.  At the moment, it’s Que Sera Sera and what happens next might just keep smiles on everybody’s faces! Touché!

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