Angel Locsin & Angelica Panganiban : Divina Valencia & Stella Suarez REDUX?

Angel Locsin & Angelica Panganiban : Divina Valencia & Stella Suarez REDUX?

Their names does not necessarily have to  be uncanny.  Although they both share an angelic handle, they definitely rose from extreme footings in the industry.  ANGEL LOCSIN and ANGELICA PANGANIBAN are now poised to a media hair pulling hype event if only to drum up more attention to their side.  Needless to say that they represent the neobreed of actresses in our times ; they somehow have to be pitted against each other to awaken the rivalry frenzy that gave rise to the popularity of Divine Valencia and Stella Suarez of the ’60s.  Yes, Chiririt they truly cut the bombshell mold therefore it would be quite ludicrous if compared to the Nora-Vilma genre.  Interestingly, they share the same network/studio which makes it easier to concoct opposing and parallel career moves to the delight of their fans and the coffer of their employer.  They are now drawn as amazonian beauties out to skin each other at any convenient situation.  This was evident to smoke up publicity for their MMFF film ‘One More Try‘ when in a scene,  hard  slaps flew and somebody was really hurt.  As of realtime, more unsavory things are supposedly to said by both camps if only to accentuate a point and shed more flesh which would be best for their business!

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