WILLIE REVILLAME : Sad Refrain Of An Incorrigible Act

Revillame : Signing Off For Good?

Revillame : Signing Off For Good?

In an essential need for entertainment , a block of urban folks were gravitated to a rowdy, socially disgraced comedian/host and in a short span of time elevated him to a pedestal made of chalk professing their loyalty to whatever he did ; came up with and/or shitted on.  WILLIE REVILLAME is reflective of what the real Masang Pilipino is made of. They remind them very much of what they are and are not. His charisma is basically absent but hard work and mindless elbowing to where he is right now simulates success, therefore allowing him to be almost an  indestructible TV figure.  His naughtiness and dirty looks is a come-on, no matter how you look at it because a lot of his followers have been miraculously healed from their blindness due to an extreme hunger for quick cash and lascivious acts.  Revillame recently announced that he is taking a break from his atrocious show and takes a preemptive act of resigning before he got sacked from TV5 after the network realized that his renewed contract would cost them an incongruous amount in the vicinity of 90M per year.  His nerve must be curled up to his balls to declare that he is worth that!  So, finally if things go well and sunny in this side of showbiz, we shall be blessed with his absence from the tube after October 2013. But wait, he seems to be insinuating that he just might pop up somewhere else. Oh, well. That will be the day!

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