FangLaHeyHey Espesyal : BULANGLANG #5

Bulanglang #5

Bulanglang #5

I am never sure what brews in my mind as I stare at varied textures, colors, shapes, tastes of veggies right in front of me just before lunch is prepared.  Of course, the simpler the dish, the tastier it must be since for daily meals we really don’t need ‘explosions of flavors’ in our palates. Healthier diets usually bring out the best of whatever age we are as it goes with our lifestyle.  This time, it’s BULANGLANG #5.  This is a mere variation of the thousand and one regional ways to cook Bulanglang or vegetable stew.  #5 is spartan in ingredients and they are : squash, grated corn, malunggay fruit pulp, alugbati, ginger (or young garlic , if and when available), and salt.  Ask your veggie vendor how to extract or scrape pulp from  the malunggay fruit or if you are nice to them they’ll gladly do it for you.  Just boil everything except the alugbati which  should be dropped into the soup once you have turned off the fire. Salt to taste, and pepper as preferred. Voila! A soupy fare perfect with fried fish! FangLaHeyHey!

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