Jake & Georgina

Jake & Georgina

I felt so sick and quite tired last weekend to even lift a hairstrand and filch some cents on a non-issue of sorts.  Georgina Wilson was at it again, yes, at it as in grabbing some blurry light to her side.  For souls of short memory, be reminded that she cropped her head off her sexy photo and replaced it with that of Nora Aunor‘s sometime ago.  She got a glut of netizens (presumably the superstar’s fans) and left her the best choice of deleting the item.  This time she also promptly deleted an unsavory twit on the candidacy of  Convicted Plunderer & Deposed President Now Mayor-elect of Manila Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada. She wrote :  “ugh i hate politics – but I only have one thing to say: Anyone that votes for Erap is a fucking idiot.”  Really, from a pretty model/socialite/dictator’s-grandson’s-girlfriend, such remark is a mere laughing matter.  Funny. Because from what is obvious she is a mistizang bangus (a mongrel beauty)  who must be more of an Australian citizen than Filipino. From a way oblique angle, she has no business making such remarks but then this is a free country where almost everyone is either nice or nasty to each other.  The reason behind the twit must come a longer way than what lesser mortals are aware of.  It has manifestations of a severe invidiousness towards Erap who in actuality  feeds on the idiocy of his people.  What spoiled the act was the immediate reaction of the old man’s son from his harem now living in the real world but with a fictitious name like Jake Estrada.  His mouthful represents how guilty his blood is of the conviction of his father.  His eloquent retort does not redeem anyone not even the scent of their fart :  “Ms. Wilson, social media might be a free world but I think it’s quite irresponsible to express such an opinion unless you are well-versed with the current situation of the city of Manila and how the present local administration has failed to handle it. Moreover, to call 325,288 Manileños, including the 9.4 million Filipinos who voted for him in 2010, ‘fucking idiots’ is harsh and truly uncalled for. Don’t hate without knowing the facts.”  Ironic Points: while Jake declared freedom, his note on irresponsibility is uncalled for.  He is merely taking a cleansing job but everybody else knows better than what meet the eyes.  Entonces, Jake and Georgina are both trying to fan some smoke out of an idiotic fire they both live in!


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