pizap.com13684084990501At the wake of a showbiz family’s bashing bout with each other, another member surfaces in some unflattering light by a surge of images of  her privates.  Yes, Marjorie Barretto‘s privates flaunted what can be considered as lost glory since they were appropriately GROSS!  Her first reaction was to deny on the rim of her cloaca that she was the woman on the photo; but after allegedly shaken from a faked slumber she changed face and started pointing fingers and babbling out idiot’s wisdom.  For a moment there, some groups were astonished that she allowed herself to be in such a playful situation where she was unmindful of the consequences that would simmer out of such.  What was really going on her mind when she numbly smiled and exposed her sagging breasts for kicks?  Some also note that had the timing been better, the whole matter would have been hushed out unceremoniously for lack of the pictorial’s aesthetic value. But wait, Marjorie seems to have taken the fiasco to higher level of reckoning by threatening a lawsuit among other sundries. In a sketchy tv interview she tries to bob out of all murkiness in an attempt to appeal that her immorality is no more than the piles of garbage that suffocate rodents to death.  According to her , there are suspects as to who uploaded the horrible photos; suspects who remain unnamed before the election period.  Is she running for office somewhere north of a cretinous subconcious?  Does anyone really care? The HECK!?!

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