pizap.com13680615348801You may have to gather yourself to  sustain some semblance of  casual truth once you get wind of what a hunk-on-the-wane have to go through during pictorials.  He has become a gym whore to a point where his body is sculpted in the likeness of a brown Hercules!  Of course he is not getting younger and  been around and into beds of women out for an itch, but he still looks yummy and can wet a woman’s desert anytime at all! But what is this talk about the shrinkage of his revered appendage?  Word have it that when doing pictorials he has to ‘augment’ his bulge with either tissue paper or a face towel aka lavacara! His name somehow connects to what we all usually do when we feel like losing weight! Gosh, that’s a giveaway!

4 comments on “GlaucomicCurve : THE DISPOSABLE BULGE

  1. gumagamit siguro ng steroid kaya naga shrinked ang revered appendage, ‘yun kasi ang isa sa mga side effect ng pag gamit nito, bagaman at lumalaki naman sa mabilis na paraan ang mga muscle.ibig mo bang sabihin na di dieta rin ang mga mkakating gustong mag pakamot?

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